HSL Mouldings




This site was last updated on: March 11th 2017



Now closed down for Good



It is with great regret that I have decided to sell all the contents of HSL to two parties. After 17 years of making fittings and figures I have less time to make them and replace any old moulds.

I would like to thank you all for your past custom over this time.



All crew and fittings and some Vac-forms have now gone to:     Mountfleet Models - Adrian Slater

The remainder of the Vac-forms have gone to Rob Fowler - email:    rob4boats@yahoo.co.uk



Mountfleet Model has the following

All crew, fittings Vac forms for BPBco 71ft 6in MGB, BPBco Type 1 ASR, Thornycroft MTB and RAF GP 60ft Pinnace.


Rob Fowler has the following

BPBco 63ft ASR, MASB and MGB Plus his own for HDML, Vosper 70ft MTB, ELCO PT Boats and CPBco 70ft MGB's along with various Hull moulds.